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DL360 G6 network connectivity issues

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DL360 G6 network connectivity issues

Hello there,


I have a strange, yet very easily replicated issue that I wonder if anyone else has come across / knows how to fix. We have just purchased 10 new DL360 G6 servers which I am trying to build. Half of these servers need 2008, the other half 2003. The 2008 installs work perfectly, but the 2003 installs are having strange network connectivity issues, which cause logon failures, failure to join domain, and event log errors such as:


“Windows cannot determine the user of computer name”

“Windows cannot bind to domain”

“There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request”


Basically the servers seems to have intermittent issues connecting to the DC’s. However the 2008 servers are fine as are all the other 2003 machines we have (G4’s / 5’s)


We automate the OS install here, and by default 8.25 product support pack is installed. However I have tried upgrading this to 8.50, as well as building a server directly from the smartstart CD, and also upgrading the system firmware using the 9.10c download. All with the same results.


The issue is similar to this:


Although the fix and workaround make no difference.


Anyone have any ideas?