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DL360 G7 - CPU Upgrading


DL360 G7 - CPU Upgrading

I just bought DL360 G7. it use 1x E5620.
I plan to upgrade to x5670 and install 1 CPU as additional.
I have some question, please help me to find the answer.
1. Can i install new X5670 with old spare parts? like heatsink etc.
2. Whatever is spare parts needed to add 1 additional CPU? is it only "507672-001", "468290-001" and X5670 ?
If you have suggestion which i must know, please don' hesitate to tell me.
Sincerly Regards


Re: DL360 G7 - CPU Upgrading

Hello Sumber,

First of all, having two different model CPU in a single server is not supported.

E5620 is a quad core processor whereas X5670 is a hexa core processor. Mixing Processors with different speed, cache, cores is not supported.

Please walk through

We recommend to have both processors of same specification. You can go through the option parts to select the required processors.

The heatsink assembly spare part number remains same i.e. 507672-001 and it is recommended to use the thermal kit 468290-001 while adding the processors.



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