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DL360 G7 Fails to Start after CPU Upgrade

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DL360 G7 Fails to Start after CPU Upgrade

Hi Everyone


I have as DL360 G7 that originally came with a single Xeon X5650


I upgraded the CPUs today after updating the BIOS to a pair of Xeon X5675 CPUs and Populated the Memory for the second CPU to match the first (8GB Each CPU). I also Installed the fan unit in position 2.


However when both CPUs are installed the unit fails to boot or put anything on the screen and the CPU Fans run at their maximum speed.


to troubleshoot. I removed the 5675 from CPU Socket 2 and its memory and the system boots with a single X5675. to make sure both cpus were working I interchanged them and both boot in Socket 1. I also Interchanged the memory and rulled it out. I even started the system with a CPU in Socket 2 and None in Socket 1, the system starts with an error stating the cpu is installed in the incorrect socket. After this entire exercise I reinstalled both CPUs and the Memory and once again the system fails to start and the fans run at full speed.


Is this a known issue or am I missing something?

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Re: DL360 G7 Fails to Start after CPU Upgrade

Today using the maintenence switch 6 i cleared the bios following procedures I've seen here and this has still not changed the situation. works great with one processor but fails to start with 2 which in my mind renders this server useless.


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Re: DL360 G7 Fails to Start after CPU Upgrade



I'm not so familiar with the dl360 series so this is a generel idea.


My thoughts go to the powersupply. What kind of powersupply do you have? is it single or redundant (if it is redundant ignore this post).


Try booting the server with minimal configuration. I see that the dl380 g7 can be upgraded to have up to 8 Harddrives. if you have that try booting with less drives and so forth.


If you have a Spare Powersupply that matches the one in the server you could try installing that and se if it makes any differens..

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Re: DL360 G7 Fails to Start after CPU Upgrade

Thanks for the reply, the office was closed for the holidays and I am now back at work. THe Server has two 420Watt Power Supplys.


Even with all drives out, and just the bear essentials connected for both processors to work the problem is still present. If I can come to no resolution I'll be calling HP tomorrow

Jacob W Anderson
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Re: DL360 G7 Fails to Start after CPU Upgrade

What does the ILM (in ILOM or maintenance screen) have to say?


The 5675 is a 95W  TDP chip, so your 420W PSU should be fine.


Do you have the correct speed of memory in there for the 5675? The 567x chip is a higher performance chip than the 5650 series.


Did you interchange the CPUs? Maybe you damaged one of the cpus when installing?


Put one cpu into the box, boot into maintenance screen, and see what the ILM has to say. That'll give you some idea of what may be going on.