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DL360 G7 Memory Configurations - Mixing DDR3 and DDR3L

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DL360 G7 Memory Configurations - Mixing DDR3 and DDR3L

Hi all,

My DL360 G7 are now having 2GB ECC RDIMM * 4 + 4GB ECC RDIMM * 2, so total 16GB RAM spread across all channels (dual CPU installed), one DIMM per channel, all dual ranks, standard voltage DIMMs.

I want to add more RAM to my sever. According to the following page, for 2 DIMM Per Channel (That's the only option for me as I already have 6 RDIMM installed), Dual-Rank 16GB RAM will run at 1333MHz for Standard Voltage, or 1066MHz at Low Voltage.

Now, I want to keep my memory speed at 1333MHz, am I only allowed to purchase Standard Voltage 16GB 2R ECC RDIMM? Or I can still buy the low voltage one as I have standard voltage RDIMM shared in the channel (LV RDIMMs should still able to operate at 1.5V standard voltage)? Or there is option in RBSU that I can force the new LV RDIMMs to run at Standard Voltage to achieve 1333MHz?




Re: DL360 G7 Memory Configurations - Mixing DDR3 and DDR3L


According to QuickSpecs.

Low Voltage DIMMs can only be used with Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series processors.
If mixing DIMM voltage is a requirement, please note that the DIMMs will run at 1.5V since all 1.35V are capable of supporting 1.5V operations.

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