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DL360 G7 Memory Upgrade

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DL360 G7 Memory Upgrade



Our company has a DL360 G7 with dual 6 core processors.  Total memory is 60 GB in the following configuration:


| Spare | Spare | Spare | Spare | Spare | Spare |

|   2GB  |   2GB  |   2GB  |   2GB  |   2GB  |   2GB  |

|   8GB  |   8GB  |   8GB  |   8GB  |   8GB  |   8GB  |


We are thinking of purchasing another 6x8GB modules to fill the remaining slot in each and take us up to a total of 108GB. Our understanding is that if we fill the remaining slots (i.e.. Have 3 DIMMS per bank) then our FSB speed will drop from 1333MHz to 800MHz.


My question is: Will the drop in bus speed affect the overall performance of the server, and if so, should we remove the 2GB modules when we install the 8GB ones, giving us a total of 96GB.  






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Re: DL360 G7 Memory Upgrade

2GB & 8GB memory drop the performace of server. You can use HP Memory Online Config tool.

Better to remove 2GB dims and replace with 4GB dimms.

Also want to highlight here list price of 4GB & 8GB dimms are almost same right now.

I would recommded to use 8GB dimms.