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DL360 G7 NC382i - Event 5719 every boot

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DL360 G7 NC382i - Event 5719 every boot

Hi there,


New HP DL360 G7, Windows 2008 R2 SP1 with NC382i x 4, two adapters connected to separate HP switches.  HP Network Configuration Utility is at version  NIC driver is at on all four adapters with latest firmware.


Initially, I teamed the adapters to NFT Only mode and set static IP on team.  Joined server to the domain and upon every reboot, the 'Netlogon' service logs error event 5719 'There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request' in the system event log.  This is the only error logged on boot and other domain operations seem to continue normally after this, but this clearly isn't desired on a new server which is intended to become a domain controller.


I have installed a virtual server to the same Operating System and patch levels and this does not display the symptoms, so this is pointing towards the HP server specifically.


What has been tried so far:


1/ Dissolved Team, disabled all adapters except one and configured IP settings for server on one of the NC382i adapters only.  Rebooted.  Same error logged.  Did this for the adapter connected to the other switch also.  Same error logged.

2/ Disabled LMHosts lookup under WINS settings as suggested on another similar thread from some time ago.  Rebooted.  Same error logged.

3/ Connected a simple network Hub into the switch port being used by the adapater and then connected the adapter directly to that.  Rebooted.  Same error logged.

4/ Set the speed / duplex to both 'Auto' and '1GB Full'.  Rebooted after each change.  Same error logged.

5/ Assigned one adapter back to DHCP and configured the static IP settings to the other adapter, with the above variations and changes then applied.  Rebooted.  Same error logged.


Could somebody please shed any light on what next I can try to eliminate this error?  I am reluctant to progress to domain controller promotion whilst this error is logged following every reboot.  If I need to log an HP call I will, but just need to know if we can resolve this quicker here.


Thank you in advance for prompt response.