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DL360-G7 is not booting

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DL360-G7 is not booting


We have a normal DL360-G7 with one processor and 2 X 4GB RAM which is working fine. We have ordered and installed a processor upgrade kit and installed with the optional Fan but the server didn't boot: it still boot with one processor.

Any one can proof if it is mandatory to install memory for the second processor or the banks of the first one can be shared with the second processor?

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Jake Mason

Re: DL360-G7 is not booting

I'm assuming that you are running dual procs now? I will also assume they are identical. If so, take out the first/original CPU and put the new one in there. If it still doesn't boot, its a CPU issue. If it boots, then at least your CPU is good. If it doesn't boot, check for bent pins as well. Also, swap VRMs if it doesn't boot by itself.