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DL360 G7 problem with RAID 5

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DL360 G7 problem with RAID 5

Hello everybody. I have a big problem with DL360 G7, yesterday we turned off our server and after 3 hours turned on again, but server started to reload every 10 sec. We checked status and saw that our logical drive has failed. We have 4 phisical drives, but only three drives light with green color when server reloads. How we understand some our drives was failed, but how we can find out about this drives? Can we save our data if we replace failed drives?


Re: DL360 G7 problem with RAID 5


Considering that you have a RAID 5, there should be a fault tolerance of a single drive failure. The screenshots attached does not show if at all there is a drive at fault. There is a need to analyze the ADU report in this case, that you can generate from the Array Configuratoin Utility. Reach out to HPE Support and they can analyze the same and provide an appropriate recommendation.



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Re: DL360 G7 problem with RAID 5

hi, It might be wise to get indeed an formal HPE support case opened up.
In addition feel free to post a readable ADU report here so people can still take a loot at it.

It seems in this case your LD is failed at a controller level but it does not indicate the failed physical drive. 
If you server is still booting and working then you could try maybe 1st to verify you have a working back or make one.
Then you could reboot your server as well as sometimes during next reboot and POST it would mark the drives then better as failed. If needed you might have to lookup your Driver, controller FW and disk Fw compatibility to make sure you are in a supported mode between the 3 of that.

Goodluck we hope you can recover in a good and stable state.

Cheers, jeroen


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