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DL360 G7 versus X5687

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DL360 G7 versus X5687

I have a DL360 G7 which has the most recent BIOS on it (P68 08/16/2015). I looked at the guides and the X5687 CPU is listed as a supported one. I installed an X5687 CPU to replace the E5520, but the server does not boot or show the BIOS screen. It sounds like it is making a clicking noise as it the key on a keyboard were stuck. Do I need to change some BIOS options to make it recognize this CPU?


Re: DL360 G7 versus X5687


Found some information in the Server QuickSpecs.  Page 19.

HP ProLiant DL360 G7 Performance Configure-to-order Server
NOTE: This Model is sold in CTO only and with Dual X5690 or X5687 130Watt processors only.

Which actually means that these processors has to be ordered with the server when it was bought.

X5690 or X5687 is a 130Watt processors, while the other processors compatible with the server are 80W or 95W processors.

This server has two types of system board's:

602512-001 = System I/O board (motherboard) - Uses 90 W maximum processors

641250-001 = System I/O board (motherboard) - Uses 130 W maximum processors


My guess is that the server system board is not compatible with this processor.


Thank You!
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Re: DL360 G7 versus X5687

Thanks, I did some more reasearch after posting this and found out you are correct. The system board I have doesn't support the 130W pprocessors. :-( Thanks for the info!