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DL360 G8 - Memory Issue

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DL360 G8 - Memory Issue


I have a DL360p Gen8, deployed with 128GB RAM,

We're having intermittement rebooting, believed to be a result of a faulty DIMM, which we want to remove as a short term solution.

Question is, do need to remove more than one DIMM across the 2 processors, or will removing the faulty DIMM be sufficient ? 

iLO attached


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Re: DL360 G8 - Memory Issue

The only thing you want to be aware of is if you're removing the module from a white colored socket (the one in each bank furthest from the CPU).  That one needs to be populated first, as part of the load/resistance requirements of the motherboard design.  I don't know if the HP BIOS will enforce that or not (by shutting down any bank with the wrong setup), but I wouldn't want to risk it.

Socket #1 is in fact the furthest from the CPU in channel/bank #3, so if you remove it you need to move that module in socket #2 over to socket #1.  If you don't, it may not use any memory in that bank, or it may see the memory but since the circuits aren't well terminated there it may have some other problems.  Think of the extra unterminated wiring like an don't want that kind of interference on the memory bus. :)  It's kind of like the old SCSI days when you needed a terminator at the end of your chain.