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DL360 G9 sudden shutdown

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DL360 G9 sudden shutdown

I have 15 DL360 GEN 9 servers with bios version 1.50. I have run the dmidecode command on all the servers and the servers all give me identical results except one server.. This server has a very strange problem, It always experience an unexpected shutdown although it isconnected to a UPS. tell the moment I don't what is the problem. I use used the dmidecode command and found that there is difference in the OEM-specific values knowing that the other 14 servers have the same OEM-specific values excpet this server... I need to know what is meant by OEM and what is/are the reason/s for the OEM value changes?

Note: The server works for 1 month and sometimes 2 months and then experience unexpected shutdown..And reboot the server I have to wait from 4 hours to one day to the server to boot.


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I would suggest you update the server with the latest bios and firmware.

Follow the below customer advisory  for more clarifications.


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