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Re: DL360 GEN10 restart

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DL360 GEN10 restart

I have a DL360 GEN10 that is having this exact problem:

The error in the IML is word-for-word per that article.  However, I have already updated the firmware a while ago and it still happens.  The problem happens about randomly once every 2 weeks or so.  Usually in the afternoon.  So it really had to re-produce the problem.  It is a Citrix server, so when it crashes it boots like 30 people off their session.

I opened a ticket with HPE, and they forwarded it on to our reseller.  The reseller said it "looks like an OS" problem and closed the ticket.  I have 7 other servers built from the same image (Windows 2016) with identical hardware and patched the same way that do not have this problem.  So I think it is a HW problem.

Has anyone else seen this problem with a GEN10 and have a suggestion?



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Re: DL360 GEN10 restart


If BIOS is already at version 1.42 then you may try setting the workload profile to "High Performance Compute".

System Configuration > BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) > Workload Profile > High Performance Compute

If this fails to resolve then suggest updating the BIOS to the currently available 1.50 version.


Note:This issue is not unique to HPE servers.

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Re: DL360 GEN10 restart

Thanks.  I am already at the 1.50 BIOS version, but I will try the High Performance Compute option.


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Re: DL360 GEN10 restart

Apologies - just relealized I never commented back to this problem.  The "High Performance Compute" option appears to have worked...I have not had a crash since.  For consistency, I applied to the change to all the Citrix servers (not just the one having the problem).  Does not seem to have an adverse affect on any of them.