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Re: DL360 Gen 9 867446-S01

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DL360 Gen 9 867446-S01


I'm buying new server for my small business, I'm looking at DL360 867446-S01 but I have couple of questions if any would help me with. 

1- I'm confused regarding the HDDs, when it's regarding SAS and SATA! Does DL360 867446-S01 controller can fit both? How can the controller accept 3.5, 2.5, SATA and SAS same time!! Someone explain please. 

2- Is it the HDDs are the normal 2.5" and 3.5" can I go and buy WD HDD or is there special HDDs to buy? 

3- If I can buy normal HDDs from where I can buy the Smart Carrier for the drives? Are they coming with the server? 

4- Regarding Raid, If I have 4 drives, I need to do every 2 in one volume or not sure what you call it, will the Raid controller let me do that? 


Jimmy Vance
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Re: DL360 Gen 9 867446-S01

There are several varitions of the server, some support only SATA, some support both SATA and SAS, and then thereare models for 2.5" drives (SFF) and models for 3.5" drives (LFF)

The product ID you have posted is for the following system

HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen9 E5-2640v4 1P 16GB-R P440ar 8SFF 500W PS Server/S-Buy

This is a DL360 Gen9 with one E5-2640v4 CPU and 16GB of memory. It includes a Smart Array P440ar controller which supports both SAS and SATA drives. 8SFF denotes this system can hold eight 2.5" drives.  

Empty drive carriers do not ship with the server, nor are the orderable from HPE. The drive carriers come with the hard drives listed in the quickspec.

The P440ar supports several RAID modes All the information about the controller is here


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