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DL360 Gen10 Server 2019 - OS will not install right

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DL360 Gen10 Server 2019 - OS will not install right

I have a DL360 Gen10 and I am trying to install Windows 10 on it. We have had this server for about a month and still cannot get the OS on it. HP keeps "trying something else" but 2019 will not install. It either doesn't see the media (I install via iLO and mount an image file locally on a computer that has the images on local storage and is on the same lan as the server), or it fails booting after installing Server... plus it takes hours to install (So far, today's attempt has taken 4 hours, sits at a percent in the 90's for most of the time). This is using IP. HP upgraded our fimware levels to the latest pre-release as part of the troubleshooting. I had three other servers that are the same as this one and they all installed without much issue. HP was able to install ESXi on the server... but I need Server 2019 Hyper-V. Any ideas how to get this thing working? Or is HP supposed to start replacing suspect parts at some point? I'd appreciate any advice.



Re: DL360 Gen10 Server 2019 - OS will not install right


We could try a couple of things here. 

1. Update the IP to the latest version available if not updated yet. 

2. If still the same then try to install the OS through the manual installation method and inject the concerned controller driver when prompted.


Shruthi (HPE Employee)


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