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DL360 Gigabit 7781 Mystery

chuck berry_3
Valued Contributor

DL360 Gigabit 7781 Mystery

We have an HP ProLiant DL360 with an integrated NC7781 Gigabit Server Adapter dual-NIC, running Win2K Server. A week ago the NIC started intermittently losing the network signal as if the cable had been unplugged (there is only one network cable attached, at 100Mbps). We feel we have eliminated the cable and/or anything upstream. Yesterday I upgraded the NIC driver to HP version, dated 6/19/04. Since then, the NIC has not failed, but I estimate that throughput has been consistently degraded by about 20%.

This server backs up other servers on the LAN via its attached tape library. I am estimating the amount of degradation in network throughput by observing both the realtime data streaming rate to tape (in Veritas Backup Exec 8.60) and the overall increase in time for the backup jobs. It isn't an issue with the tape library because I get the same reduced throughput when conducting a backup-to-disk, where the data source is on the LAN.

Has anyone experienced any of these types of problems that can shed some light on this issue? Any assistance is appreciated.

colin cooper_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: DL360 Gigabit 7781 Mystery

Change your network cable. Plug the server into a different switch port, failing that its probably a faulty transciever on that NIC. Make sure your duplexes match.

Jeffrey Nguyen
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL360 Gigabit 7781 Mystery

Chuck, I'm having a same problem except a little more extreme. I have DL360 G2 and it failed almost the same time as your (12-06-04). Both 2 NIC are dead now. Totally gone from the system. I look all over but no luck. I think I will call HP today. Thanks
Eliot Dalgleish
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL360 Gigabit 7781 Mystery

We are also experiencing the same problems,we have a DL360 G3 with dual 7781 NIC's that is our Cell manager for Dataprotector on Win 2003 server.

Its plugged into a Cisco 6509 Gigabit port (that is confirmed/tested with other servers) that runs at 1 gig.We have changed drivers,we used ver 7.8 and now have 7.4 running but it will only negoitiate at 100 mbps.we have hard set to 1000 mbps and it loses the connection,we have now replaced the motherboard (NIC's are onboard) and still getting the same response.

Previous posters did you have any luck in getting to run at 1 gig ?.


Brian Box
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL360 Gigabit 7781 Mystery

I have same problem - win2k dual gigabit nics - teamed. One nic defaults too 100MB the other 1000 - result is a 100MB teamed connection! Both use same driver version . .

Under win2003 - same server, this does not happen.
Chris Saindon
Valued Contributor

Re: DL360 Gigabit 7781 Mystery

Hello Brian and Eliot,
I am having this exact issue. Win2k3, 1 NIC at 100, 1 at 1000, 6509 Switch etc. Basically Eliot's "exact" scenario is what I'm experiencing. I was wondering if you had found a fix for this or if you had found a work around.

Any Advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you
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