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DL360/ML350 CPU Upgrade?

Brian Olsen_2
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DL360/ML350 CPU Upgrade?

We have a bunch of DL360 1.26ghz pcs that we are looking to upgrade. Is 1.4 the max we can go?

Furthermore, how about the ML350? Currently they are 1.0ghz.

Both are first generation servers.
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Re: DL360/ML350 CPU Upgrade?

For the ML350:

For the DL360:

There you find the possible upgrade spares for the CPU.

My opionon the cost will not weight up to the investment.
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Terry Hutchings
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Re: DL360/ML350 CPU Upgrade?

These servers are already at the max speed processor they can be with the hardware you have.

The next speed step up would take you to the G2 range of processors.
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