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DL360 - Network Teaming

Corpataux Cyrille
Occasional Visitor

DL360 - Network Teaming

Hello all,

we recently changed some server to DL360 G2 and I wonder to configure it
with network teaming.

I'm used to configure DL380 and DL320 and to see after the installation of
compaq's tools the "Compaq Network" icon in the control panel. But not this time !
Even if I downloaded the last (of the last) driver for this server, this option
is not available !?! why ?
How can I activate it ?

Some information concerning our system:
- two Compaq NIC: NC7780
- OS: Windows 2000 Server SP2
- SmartStart used: 5.30
- NIC driver version:

Thanks for your help
Claude Boileau
Valued Contributor

Re: DL360 - Network Teaming

Hi, maybe you want to take a look at cp001842.exe at the following link (the teaming utility for window 2000 for your dl380 g2). Its the same softpaq for the dl320.
Hope this will help.
Corpataux Cyrille
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL360 - Network Teaming

Based on the reply, I installed cp001842.exe and also the latest driver for these NICs (because the utility requested version 2.71 or higher) and now it works.

Thanks !