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DL360 No Post All LED Green Debug 08

P Cantwell
Occasional Contributor

DL360 No Post All LED Green Debug 08

Hi all,
I'm new but I need help diagnosing the HP engineering debug code I am getting.

This server with 2x CPU, 4G RAM, 2x 18G RAID, 2x P/S has been running without trouble for a year. Last week, the power company killed our electric for 2 hours to upgrade their service. This server wouldn't post after that. All the system indicators are green. The 8 debug LEDs flash until stopping with an 08 indication (00001000). What test is it waiting for?

I've run it at minimal hardware and reseated as many inteconnections as I could short of removing the motherboard. I reseated RAM and PCI after reading a lot of threads on No Post, I found one that suggested turning on switches 7 & 8 of SW2. This let the debug LEDs continue flashing without stopping at 08 and eventually I got the BIOS init screens and all went well into Windows. Removing the power cords (necessary for testing because this server is offsite and needs to transported back and rackmounted), setting the 7,8 switches off, adding power and booting continued past the 08 without trouble. Removing power cords again and reversing to power up fails at 08. It fails more at 08 90% of the time.

I don't want to put this server back into service until I can diagnose the 08 debug code. Does anyone know what part is failing on this system that causes it to stop at 08?