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Re: DL360 Proliant Tape Drive

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James Neumann
New Member

DL360 Proliant Tape Drive

Full Disclosure: This is a newb question.

Can someone direct me to a matrix for DDS drives that would be compatible with a DL360 (first generation) blade server?

It isn't being used in a rackmount right now, and most likely won't be for the rest of it's service life.

Or do I even need to worry about this? Please excuse my ignorance here.

Thanks in advance!
Miika T
Valued Contributor

Re: DL360 Proliant Tape Drive

You will have to use an external tape drive, any dds drive should work. Make sure you have empty pci slot, as you will required an additional scsi hba, with external scsi interface.


Ps. DL360 is a density line rack server, not a blade server.
James Neumann
New Member

Re: DL360 Proliant Tape Drive


Thank you - my bad on the terminology. Proving it was indeed a newb question!!!