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DL360 RAID Controller Configuration

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DL360 RAID Controller Configuration

Dear all,

Today we have recieved 4 HPE DL360 and wanna configure them correctly.

those 4 servers will run ESXI 6.7 each server will be replcated on the second.

Server 1 Replicated on Server 2 and 3 on 4.

Servers have 8 Disks ( 2 X SSD 2TB and 6 X SATA HGST 2TB ).

We wanna install vMware on the SD card .

we want to create 

RAID 1 SSD ( 2 Disks ) without enabling the Caching and 64KIB/128KIB Strip Size and 32 Sectors Track

RAID 6 SATA ( 6 DISKS) with enabled the caching and 64KIB/128 Strip Sixe and 32 Sectors Track

is this the best practise to do so ? 

on the SSD we will use a heavy servers like exchange/remote desktops services and database server.

Thank you for your idea's