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DL360 RAID Controller Configuration

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DL360 RAID Controller Configuration

Dear all,

Today we have recieved 4 HPE DL360 and wanna configure them correctly.

those 4 servers will run ESXI 6.7 each server will be replcated on the second.

Server 1 Replicated on Server 2 and 3 on 4.

Servers have 8 Disks ( 2 X SSD 2TB and 6 X SATA HGST 2TB ).

We wanna install vMware on the SD card .

we want to create 

RAID 1 SSD ( 2 Disks ) without enabling the Caching and 64KIB/128KIB Strip Size and 32 Sectors Track

RAID 6 SATA ( 6 DISKS) with enabled the caching and 64KIB/128 Strip Sixe and 32 Sectors Track

is this the best practise to do so ? 

on the SSD we will use a heavy servers like exchange/remote desktops services and database server.

Thank you for your idea's


Re: DL360 RAID Controller Configuration



The best practice is to keep default settings which the SSA tool suggests as 256KIB/512KIB. Large stripe is recommended if the drive provides a good throughput. Smaller stripe size is recommended for smaller filles which will be distributed among the drives. So this you will have to test and check what type of configuration is best suited for your environment.




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