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DL360, Redhat/SUSE - no traps forwarded from OS to iLO

Andrew Pol
Occasional Contributor

DL360, Redhat/SUSE - no traps forwarded from OS to iLO


I am setting up a DL360 G4p with Redhat and seem to fail to configure Lights-Out Drivers and Agents properly.

I successfully installed ProLiant Support Pack 7.80, including Lights-Out Drivers and Agents - hprsm-7.8.0-75.rhel5.i386.rpm

Everything seems to load and work properly except one tiny detail:

I login to System Management Homepage->settings -> SNMP Configuration and press "Send Trap". Then, at my SNMP destination I only recieve trap from real network card of the server, not from iLO interface.

ILO SNMP congiguration is as follows:
Enable iLO SNMP Alerts - YES
Forward Insight Manager Agent SNMP Alerts - YES
Enable SNMP Pass-thru - YES

iLO Firmware version is 1.91

This differs from Windows installation - where I get two traps - one from server, another from iLO interface. Since we have a dedicated network for iLO managament - seems that I will be unable to recieve software traps from Linux servers.

SUSE behaves identically.

Please, point out why CPQCI driver fails to route SNMP traffic from OS to iLO card. (As I see the problem)

Thanks in advance,
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: DL360, Redhat/SUSE - no traps forwarded from OS to iLO

As i read your information, (ILO-network separate from normal LAN) I should expect you configure TWO trap destinations, one on ILO-LAN, one on normal LAN (subnet), could this be the problem?