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Re: DL360 - Regularly rebooting

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DL360 - Regularly rebooting

I have a customer with a DL360 G3, which is rebooting itself every hour or so. Running 2003, not sure of patches etc. Any ideas?



Re: DL360 - Regularly rebooting

i had this problem before! one of the fans inside the machine would work and then quit working after a while, like it would start to drag, and when the fan failed the system was geting a 0 rpm signal from it then it would shutdown to keep any damage from happening, i would reboot and it would run fine untill the fan started acting up again. check your system logs before you rip`er open, but its a good chance that one of those fans is kinda funky ;)
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Re: DL360 - Regularly rebooting

I have a similar problem with another server. I spend a lot of time trying hardware problems, fixing the bios, verifying all the connexions.
Finaly i unplug the display panel or in your case the power button, and the problem was fixed.Incredible.

A new Display Panel return the server to fully operational level.

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Re: DL360 - Regularly rebooting

Have you all loaded the latest bios?

The latest bios had some processor load fixes in it that may help. It seems that with the server processors under a heavy load they could error out.

Here is the extract:
Updated to integrate the latest Intel processor support code into the System ROM. This works around an issue with the Intel Xeon processor that can result in erratic system behavior after prolonged usage. The failures were identified in a small percentage of Intel Xeon processors during simulated long-term reliability testing. These issues have only been seen in Intel's simulated environment, and no field issues have been identified. While the nature of the failure for systems experiencing this issue is difficult to quantify, systems may experience systems hangs, Windows blue screen, or Linux kernel panics. HP recommends customers transition to this new BIOS version to prevent the aforementioned issues.

Here is the bios:

G'luck! -john
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