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DL360 Revision R - error 1779 / 1786

Rob Barrett
Occasional Contributor

DL360 Revision R - error 1779 / 1786

Running with an older Proliant DL360 ( R01933256) System runs fine for a while then does a reboot. Hangs on the post with either error code: 1779 slot 0 drive array Logical drives previously failed and / or 1786 - Slot 0 Drive array recovery needed.

Question is: Does it sound like I need to replace the controller or either of the two drives?
Gus Kwong
Respected Contributor

Re: DL360 Revision R - error 1779 / 1786

Hi Rob,

If this fault happens all the time (whether before or after the mirrored disks re-build themselves), then you'll need to replace the motherboard. I had similar fault before and tried replacing both the SA and backplane but did not help --- the server would loose one disk and then the other one, but there is nothing wrong with the hard drives. Problem solved after the server had the motherboard replaced.


Learning never ends
Rob Barrett
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL360 Revision R - error 1779 / 1786


Thanks for your response Gus

Now I need to find a cheap MB...

Thanks HP