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DL360, SA6402, MSA20 & external DAT72

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Clive Crocker
Occasional Contributor

DL360, SA6402, MSA20 & external DAT72

I have a DL360 with SA6402 controller, MSA20 storage on chanel 1. All working fine with Windows 2003 Std SP1

The customer ordered an external rackmount DAT72. I have connected this to chanel 2 of the SA6402 and initially it recognised it, but when I did a 'refresh' in ACU, it hung the machine and finally blue-screened.

When I reboot the server, it waits ages on the controller, then says that it isnt responding. It seems to do this whether the DAT72 is powered on or off, although when it's powered on, Windows 2003 doesnt boot at all - merely waits at the initial graphic. Unplugging the DAT completely resolves the problem.

* do I need f/w upgrades? I thought I had done everything
* is it possible to connect DAT72 to the SA6402?
* any other suggestions... the other PCI slot in the DL360 is very short - is there a suitable short PCI SCSI interface which would be a better option?

Many thanks

Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: DL360, SA6402, MSA20 & external DAT72

I think only DAT 72 Hot-Plug Tape Drive
can be connected to SA6402.
If you have not hot-plug version of DAT72 you need to connect it to Ultra320 SCSI adapter.
In last link you can see part number of supported SCSI adapters:
268351-B21 - Dual-Channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA
374654-B21 - Single-Channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA G2
Trusted Contributor

Re: DL360, SA6402, MSA20 & external DAT72

I believe that you do need a SCSI card for this to work. Take a look at
Respected Contributor

Re: DL360, SA6402, MSA20 & external DAT72

It's possible, but not recommended. I advice you connect tape device to non-RAID SCSI controller as Igor suggested
Clive Crocker
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL360, SA6402, MSA20 & external DAT72


Thanks to you all for your speedy and useful response. I have temporarily installed a 'stock' SCSI card, which is working just fine. I'll get one of the others on order soon.