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DL360 SAN Controller Issue


DL360 SAN Controller Issue

I'm running a Proliant DL360, Windows 2k3, connected to a EVA 4000 and am having issues with drivers not correctly installing.

I have downloaded and installed the MPIO software to make all 4 redundant paths 1 disk. Have done the same process for other servers, but this one still seems to show the yellow ? under device manager (HP HSV200 SCSI Array Device). Other servers show that they are using the driver 'mpspfltr.sys' which does exist on this server. We have other server of the same generation and configuration, but can't make windows associate the two.

Any pointers? Windows updates current ..

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: DL360 SAN Controller Issue


Check which drivers are being used on the FC HBA. I've seen issues before when connecting to an EVA with the Storport drivers. Reverting back to the SCSIport drivers got things working again...

Hope this helps,



Re: DL360 SAN Controller Issue

Looking at two servers which are pretty much the same in hardware, same OS version, both using QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter ... same exact drivers.

The server failing to find the controller drivers does have them in the system32/Drivers folder. No inf files to load the correct drivers (doesn't contain device information) so can't do a manual load.