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DL360 Unsupported processor

Steve Allen_5
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DL360 Unsupported processor

We are updating a number of our servers and received the un-supported processor message. Reading the forums I am able to RomPaq our DL580 by the "The emergency ROM recovery process" or "disaster recovery mode" ie switches 1,4,5,6, set to on.

With our DL360's this does not work. The process starts the same way, two long beeps. It then read the diskette for only a short time then gives two short beeps. The rom has not been upgraded.
With the same setup I was able to complete the rompaq by fitting the slower (original) processor.

I would like to know if the DL360 can be updated by the first method, I can see circumstances where I may only have this option.

All help appreciated.

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Re: DL360 Unsupported processor


For the future, it is always recommended to upgrade the bios prior to doing hardware upgrades like this. There can be microkernel changes that must preceed the processor you intend to upgrade. Were you going from the 933 or less processor to the 1GHz or faster?
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Steve Allen_5
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL360 Unsupported processor

Thanks for your interest.
We were only upgrading to 833Mhz processors and yes the only way I could do it was by downgrading the cpu to the original first.

Just to let you know why I am interested in this recovery method is that in the past, not on the DL360, I have had a cpu die on me.
Rare I know but it happens and it is getting inceasing difficult to get the older processors. Add to this, it is an excellant time to update but I have been held back only by the RomPaq upgrade necessary for that processor.
So, I am keen on having this info to cover my range of Proliant servers.