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DL360 ethernet Firmware update

Occasional Contributor

DL360 ethernet Firmware update

Hi all,

I have a ethernet link problem in one of my ethernet network cards. Thats my configuration:
Two cluster nodes: DL360 G3
OS : RHEL 2.1AS (Pensacola) 2.4.9-e.27smp #1 SMP

From the support center said I need to update de firmware, this one:

My question is. If I make the fw update, could my current driver stops to work?? I mean, if I need to update the FW, and later update the driver.
Because I can break the RAID and install the driver, but if I update the fw later I can't downgrade it. Thats true??

I think, if I update the fw, the driver must continue working. But I want to sure it.

Thanks a lot.

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Re: DL360 ethernet Firmware update


there should be no problem.
It is always recommended to first update firmware, then drivers.

Further you can downgrade the firmware if needed...