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DL360 g4p Server Setup: mirror

Jeff Belorit
Occasional Visitor

DL360 g4p Server Setup: mirror

I will be setting up a new DL360 G4p server for the first time. I will be using 2 SCSI drives and want to mirror them. Will the Smart start help set up mirroring, or will that have to be configured in the OS (Win 2003 server SP1)?

Is there a technote available that would walk me through the setup?

Rafal Koszyk

Re: DL360 g4p Server Setup: mirror

I'm assuming you are doing HARDWARE raid.

You setup mirroring on the controller. I like to do it before loading up the Smart start cd. When using Smart start it copies the driver of the controller ( so you dont have to ).

Good luck!
Honored Contributor

Re: DL360 g4p Server Setup: mirror


The system has a Smart Array 6i controller to set up hardware raid. As suggested it's often better to set this up using the controllers own ORCA utility (Onboard Raid Configuration) before loading the O/S. Then you know that the controller and disks are pre-configured and working.

To use this you press F8 when prompted during the system POST -At the point after the Smart Array 6i initialises.

I have attached the Smart Array 6i controller user guide to this reply. See the section "Configuring an Array" for step-by-step details with screen-shots.

I hope this helps.

Jeff Belorit
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL360 g4p Server Setup: mirror

Thanks for the help. The Document was a big plus. I have the server up and running now