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DL360 (g7) Disable cores in BIOS

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DL360 (g7) Disable cores in BIOS

Is it possible to reduce the number of cores enabled on a processor within the BIOS?


We have some software that is licensed for 2 cores only! We have been quoted on a  DL360 with a single Quad Core CPU (as we cant source a CPU with only 2 cores) - is it possible to reduce the number of cores of a quad core cpu down to two?


- I Havent actually purchased the server yet so I cant check for myself, could anyone help ?

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: DL360 (g7) Disable cores in BIOS

Which CPU are you going to use? Same architecture as the "X5670 processor" ? Supposedly then you would have the option to run it with half the cores (so two).

That is for a G7 Blade with Intel CPUs so should be the same for your machine.
Abhishek Bangalore
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Re: DL360 (g7) Disable cores in BIOS



Yes you can disable the number of cores on the server. In order to check the steps please refer the link provided below:




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Re: DL360 (g7) Disable cores in BIOS



This option is under System Options menu > Processor Options > Processor Core Disable.


Processor Core Disable (G7 servers)

Depending on the applications used, this feature has the following benefits:

Reduces processor power usage and improves overall performance.

Improves overall performance for applications that benefit from higher performance cores rather than from additional processing cores.

Addresses issues with software licensed on a per-core basis.


I have attached a picture of DL380 G7 with this option.  Hope all G7 servers have the same option.

You may also refer to this article:


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