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DL360 g7 problem with VMware ESXi

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DL360 g7 problem with VMware ESXi

I am trying to run VMware ESXi on a brand new Proliant. I've made a bootable pendrive with esxi installer. It started booting and I installed the esxi on another flash pendrive (located inside a machine). But after restart new system is not booting. It works fine in normal PCs, but no in the DL360 G7.

Firstly I have tried installing ESXi 5.0 from VMware, after that I used HP version of ESXi 5.1. Both with the same result - system is not booting.

I tried also putting pendrive with ESXi to external USB with the same result. Bios doesn't see boot sector.

 What can cause the problem? 

I wanted to update firmware, but 'Download' link on the hp support page:

is broken.

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Re: DL360 g7 problem with VMware ESXi

I solved the problem, at least partially. According to this article:

my ProLiant dl360 g7 doesn't support booting from  GPT partition (used from  esxi 5.0). Instead of that I used old MBR partition when installing ESXI.

What is bothering me is the fact that the same ESXI 5.1 wokred perfectly (on default settings) on a regular PC and not on super-hyper ProLiant. Can anyone explain it?