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DL360 gen9 SATA ports

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DL360 gen9 SATA ports


I need hook up a temporary sata drive to a remote HP DL360  gen9 box. I see from the schematics  that it has some integrated sata ports (12 on the internal view)

I dont have physical access at the moment, so cant inspect these. However from the images I have found they dont look 100% normal to standard sata ports. Can I use them with a standard cable or is there a special HP part I need to use. I know you can get a SATA m2 expansion card which appears to plug into these ports so you can boot off the m2 cards. 

As its only a tempory solution to dump a load of data I want to know what will actually work, rather than recomended, or supported HP solutions. I know I could also use usb, but I want to investigate if this avenue is an option as well before I do the long drive.