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DL360 server set up

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DL360 server set up

This seems like a real easy question, but I am just missing it. I am setting up a new dl360 server G6 that we got in, I racked it, and now need to get on to set up the ilo. First step in setting up the ilo is to hit f8 during boot up, but my question is how do I view the boot up and input information on the keyboard. Most servers I have a serial managment port that I connect my laptop to, but this server doesnt have one that I know of. I dont have room for a Monitor and keyboard and Mouse in the datacenter, I only need to set this up the one time, as I will use the ilo2 afterwards.
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Re: DL360 server set up

Hi Mike,

I don't have one to physically reference but every doc I've seen indicates that it has the serial connection in back:

According to the quickspec:

Per the DL360 G6 User Guide:

"BIOS Serial Console allows you to configure the serial port to view POST error messages and run RBSU
remotely through a serial connection to the server COM port. The server that you are remotely configuring
does not require a keyboard and mouse.
For more information about BIOS Serial Console, see the BIOS Serial Console User Guide on the
Documentation CD or the HP website ("



Re: DL360 server set up

Was looking for the wrong port (cat 5, not a normal serial port)