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DL360G2 - Dual Processor load uneven

Adam Maltby
Occasional Visitor

DL360G2 - Dual Processor load uneven


We have the above server running W2K and Tomcat.

It would appear that for some reason the processor load is completely unbalanced. As far as 80% on first and only 12% on second.

Any ideas on how we can level this out?

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Jens Baumann_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: DL360G2 - Dual Processor load uneven

First of: it's not bad if the load is not distributed evenly. Only if one processor is at 100% all the time and the other is idle it would be problematic. The server is not slower or more "stressed" if one CPU is more active than the other.

Next: it's an application problem, i.e. the application does not make full use of the available processors. Apart from trying to figure out whether you can somehow configure the application to spread the load more even, you can manually tell processes to run only on one particular processor. I would not really recommend doing so, though, since you then restrict the process to that particular CPU, even if it would be able to make use of both when the load is very high. This is how you do it: call up task manager, right click on the process in question and choose "affinity". Now select the processor you want to restrict the process to and click OK.
Terry Hutchings
Honored Contributor

Re: DL360G2 - Dual Processor load uneven

The only thing installed on Win2000 is Tomcat? No antivirus sw or anything else? Most of these programs are not SMP capable and will always run on the first proc.
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