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Massimiliano Berardi
Occasional Contributor


Hi, We are taking part to a public tender where they ask us the MTBF of the server we are offering : DL360 G3 and DL360G4.
I sent an e-mail to infocenter some days ago, but only today they answered to me that they can' help me. We have to send the proposal tommorrow morning.
Please, is there someone who can help me ?

Thank you
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Serviceguard for Linux
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Re: DL360G3/G4 MTBF

MTBF numbers are almost never given out. There is no way to get accurate numbers by tomorrow. The only chance you have is to conact a sales person, and even that would take significant time. Then it would likely require a Non-Disclosure agreement.

On the positive side, I don't think any manufacturer will readily give these numbers as they are typically very confidential.

To get accurate numbers, you need the detailed configuration.

Who is providing the SW MTBF, this is generally a big factor in any reliability calculation