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DL360G3 Soundcard

R. Coehorst
Occasional Contributor

DL360G3 Soundcard

I'm looking for a soundcard that will work in a DL360G3. As far as my technical knowledge goes can i only use a pci-x soundcard.

Or i can hook-up a usb soundsystem.

Has someone an idea?
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Erki Rajangu
Occasional Advisor

Re: DL360G3 Soundcard

I have not heard about PCI-X 3.3V soundcards. Is there any? It is very small market.
I recommend USB sound systems a la:
Creative Extigy (
or Abit Audio Device(
These are pretty universal devices - if you need audio system somewhere else you can easily detach and take it with you.
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R. Coehorst
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL360G3 Soundcard

Thanks for the suggestion. I've looked at the sites of various soundcard manufactures but there's none of them who's making a 3.3V card yet. It should be possible to use a generic 64bits card in the pci-x, but no one could give me a positive answer if it really works.

Many PCI cards are set up like this:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^
with only one break in the pins. These are 32 bit only.

There are others set up like this:
^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^
These are 64 bit compatible cards (or should be).

For an illustration, this card:
is 64 bit compatible. You'll have to look at the image gallery to see
what the card looks like, but this IS 64 bit compatible.
This card
on the other hand, is not 64 bit compatible. This is an easy way to
tell whether something is compatible or not...

I'll go, as recommended by you, for the usb solution. That should work fine. Instead of instead of the Creative Extigy, which is very sophisticated i think i try the Creative mp3 box.

I'll let you know if it works as it should.


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R. Coehorst
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL360G3 Soundcard

i've hooked up the creative mp3 box via the usb connection, installed the software and ok

This is working perfect.

There is no soundcard yet that's using the pci-x (i've found none).
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