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DL360G4 does not boot (LEDs CR22, CR23, CR28 are on)

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DL360G4 does not boot (LEDs CR22, CR23, CR28 are on)

Hi, after a power failure this server no longer boots up. When it is turned off, LEDs CR25, CR26, CR27 are lit, when I turn it on, the LEDs flash for a while and stop at CR22, CR23, CR28. The fans spin up to full speed then spin down as if the server was idle. The health LEDs on the front look green. Capacitors look OK.


ILO NIC port is active (its LEDs light up when I connect the cable), but ILO is inaccessible.


I tried:

1. Leaving two memory modules and one CPU - no difference

2. Measuring the power supply voltages - all look normal.

3. Removing the CMOS battery for a few minutes - no difference.


What do the diagnostic LEDs mean? The manual refers to the manual of RILOE, but that manual does not say anything about those LEDs.


What is likely to be the problem here and how to fix it?

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Re: DL360G4 does not boot (LEDs CR22, CR23, CR28 are on)

try to reseat the the processor fan assembly. View it on page 9 in guide http://bizsupport1.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c00218204/c00218204.pdf


If you have a good-working server, you might want to try to replace processor fan assembly for a known good part.

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Re: DL360G4 does not boot (LEDs CR22, CR23, CR28 are on)

I tried reseating the CPU fan assembly, it didn't help.


And no, there isn't a working server that I can shut down to borrow the fan assembly.


Stil, I'll try poking around with an oscilloscope, maybe the fault will present itself.