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DL360G5 - System HangUp


DL360G5 - System HangUp

Hi all you guys .

i've got some critical problem with brand new dl360g5.

dl360g5 stops responding but is fine after reboot.

ADU reports

"Logical Drive 1 Consistency Check Failed Critical"

Can it be the reason why it's hangup.

Please refer to the attatched log file.(insight diag and ADU report)

Re: DL360G5 - System HangUp

Ooop i can't upload zip files. i'll attatch it again

Re: DL360G5 - System HangUp

Oh my gosh .. here's ADU Report

ADU Version
Diagnostic Module Version 4.9-85
Time Generated Thursday March 12, 2009 9:21:25AM

Device Summary:
Smart Array P400i in slot 0

Consolidated Error Report:

Report for Smart Array P400i in slot 0

Smart Array P400i in slot 0 : Identify Controller

Configured Logical Drives 1 (0x01)
Configuration Signature 0xa009302d
RAM Firmware Revision 5.20
ROM Firmware Revision 5.20
Hardware Revision 0x04
Boot Block Revision 0.03
Drive Present Map 0x00000000
External Drive Map 0x00000000
Board ID 0x3235103c
Swapped Cable Flags 0x00
Non Disk Map 0x00000000
Bad Host RAM Addr 0x00
CPU Revision 0x94
PDPI Revision 0x00
EPIC Revision 0x00
WCXC Revision 0x00
Marketing Revision E
Controller Flags Controller Flag Status
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------
Firmware has been upgraded to support capacity expansion operations that require more than 65535 sectors (32MB) to be relocated per expand iteration Informational
Firmware supports 15 drives per SCSI bus Informational
Firmware supports the new big drive assignment maps (128 bits) as well as the big physical drive numbering (0x80+)


Smart Array P400i in slot 0 : Surface Status

Current Drive 0x0000
Current Head All Zeroes (32 x [0x00])
Current Cylinder All Zeroes (32 x [0x0000])
Timer Remaining 15 seconds (0x0096)
Surface Delay 15 seconds (0x0096)
Current Block All Zeroes (32 x [0x00000000])
Surface Analysis Status Device Surface Analysis Status Status
--------------- ------------------------------------ -------------
Logical Drive 1 Consistency Initialization Completed Informational
Logical Drive 1 Consistency Check Failed Critical
juan quesada
Respected Contributor

Re: DL360G5 - System HangUp

please attach the ADU file

Re: DL360G5 - System HangUp

Too big to upload . gosh ..