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DL360G5 strange restart issues

Krisztian Vasas
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DL360G5 strange restart issues


We have 2 dl360g5 servers with 2xquad core cpu and 14GB ram, e200i with 2x146GB sas hdd. We experienced strange issues on both servers: sometimes the servers are restarted by ASR because of the following errors:

"An Unrecoverable System Error has occurred (Error code 0x0000002B, 0x00000000)"


"PCI Bus Error (Slot 0, Bus 7, Device 8, Function 0)"

The Slot 0, Bus 7 Device 8 is the SA E200i controller. We updated the firmwares from the latest version of Firmware CD (version 8.60), but did not solve the problem (now the latest SmartStart cd is running with Insight Diagnostic complete test, without any error). I was running memtest, also without any error.

After googling a lot we've found the following url where a PSU problem is mentioned but we could not find anything about it:

I also searched here in ITRC and found similar issues, like this:

The servers are running SLES11. Can someone tell us what to do or where to search for solution.

Re: DL360G5 strange restart issues


I have myself experienced similar issues with other servers where everything is showing up fine, and we tried replacing basically everything, and in the end, when we replaced both PSU it solved the problem. Either try 1/2 new PSU if you have spares or log a ticket with HP, attaching HPS reports and offline diagnostic logs so L2 can have a look at this issue.

/Joakim HP support
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