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DL360G6 / P410i not booting !!!

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DL360G6 / P410i not booting !!!

Hello all,

i have a brandnew DL380 G6 with P410i controller having 3 array (RAID 1).
After shutting down my server for restart (windows 2008R2) now the Server can not find the C-drive anymore. I also can not tell the Controller to use that specific array that is actually the c-drive.
Diagnosis all are green, the boot-disk-Check-Util in BIOS also states an existing an functional Boot-drive and sector so how comes that the server does not boot anymore ?
I also checked the array-sequence in bios an set the p410i als #1 or #2 with neither effect.

When it comes to booting in POST
the server states:
Trying to boot from CD-ROM (theres none so it skips)
trying to boot from c: (and here he should boot but skips )
the he tries PXE and so on and cycles then.

Any ideas what i could check here that i have forgotten ?
Any help is kindly appreciated !


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Re: DL360G6 / P410i not booting !!!

this might or might not be a solution.
try updating the controller's firmware. I was trying to update my firmware using the CD, and on the release notes i remember it says something about the problem where the controller is not detected during setup is now fixed.