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DL360G6 - does not power up, only with CPU removed

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DL360G6 - does not power up, only with CPU removed

I have a DL360G6 left over that has been off for some time. Now I want to donate it to a school but the machine does not come on at all. When plugged in the power switch turns amber. When I press it I hear a short and soft beep, the light goes green only to go back to amber. Fans do not spin - nothing. It tries that about four times and then nothing - amber light, server not starting.

I took everything out and tested without RAM, swapped PSU etc. To see what would happen I took the CPU out and when turned on the fans start to spin - so it is doing more without CPU. compared to with CPU.

What do you think, bad CPU? I tried reset switches etc. The status panel is active (if I take out a fan for instance it shows the red light).

Any suggestions are welcome!