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DL360Gen9 Network Alarms are never generated

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DL360Gen9 Network Alarms are never generated


I am working on a DL360Gen9 Server having RHEL 7 as OS. Each NIC has 2 network cables plugged. Cables are redundant between the 2 NICs. The four cables are plugged in 2 diffrent charging switches. I have everything configured correctly with the OSS to display the Hw Alarms. Whenever for example I remove one of the Power Cables, I received an alarm. 

The problem I am facing that whenever I try to unplug one or all the 4 cables, I never receive any HW Alarm from the alarms defined in the hp_alarm_definitions file.

Here are the expected error codes: (9618002 - 9618006 - 9618008 - 9618012 - 9618014).

As a conclusion, here are the questions:

1- Why whenever I unplug or make ifdown to one of the ports. I never receive a HW Alarm?

2- Is there any specific configuration to make these alarms generate?

Thanks a lot in advance. 


Karim Momtaz


Re: DL360Gen9 Network Alarms are never generated

Hello Karim 

Thank you for the posting the queries here. 

However looking into the details it seems deeper technical analysis is needed for which a dedicated technical Expert can help here. Hence I request you to please conatct HPE Support team over phone and get a Ticket / Case logged again this Server serial number which is having issue.

Also it would be helpful if detailed logs from units can be shared. We also might have to involve our OS exerts on this query and hence I urge you to please log a case. 



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