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DL360P Gen8 - P420i - Controller Lock Up's

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DL360P Gen8 - P420i - Controller Lock Up's

Hi folks,

Seen a lot of issues and there sollutions over the last years, but this one is killing me.

Im the private owner of a DL360P Gen8 and while testing this server, all went fine.
When I placed the server in the rack and put hm to work, the issue begon.

Onboard P420i gets different lock up's (0x11, 0x13, 0x14), and I can't see the problem.
Problem occurs when disks get under load (I can reproduce the issue while running a backup).
- 2x HPE 6G 100GB SATA SSD (MK0100GCTYU) (RAID 1)
- 2x OEM Seagate 1.5 TB SATA (ST1500LM006) (RAID 1)

RAID sets where recreate, controller is at latest firmware, also is the drive enclosure/drive bay.
No warnings, no errors.

Anyone who can push me to the right direction?
Better: anyone (HPE Employee) who can read-out my ADU?

I'm guessing its a bad cache module, but not sure.


Re: DL360P Gen8 - P420i - Controller Lock Up's

Hi Martin, 

Requesting you to log a case with HPE with the AHS logs and the ADU report in order to further proceed with this. 



Shruthi (HPE Employee)

I am an HPE employee
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Re: DL360P Gen8 - P420i - Controller Lock Up's

Hi ShruthiSK,

There's no warranty left
So I'll guess support won't help me with that on the official way

Anyway, there is good news!
Replaced the cache module and it seems the problem is solved!