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DL360P Replacing Non-HPE SSD drives in RAID1 array

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DL360P Replacing Non-HPE SSD drives in RAID1 array

I have a DL360P Gen 9 and have 2 non HPE 240GB SSD drives in a RAID1 array. These are my boot drives.

The system says they are degraded but are working okay. I want to replace these with HPE SSD drives so it does not continually have the flashing yellow light and have the system saying they are degraded but don't want to lose what is on the drives.

I am hoping that as it is a RAID1 array I can just pop out one of the drives and insert the new HPE drive and it will rebuild the RAID1 array. Once it is rebuilt I can pop out the other drive and do the same to that.

Question is will this work as I hope and can I do this on the fly or do I have to do it from the Intelligent Provisioning.

The drives have my Domain controller and Exchange running under VMWare and certainly don't want to lose them.


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Re: DL360P Replacing Non-HPE SSD drives in RAID1 array

Okay so no replies. New drives arrived this morning so I made a backup for the Virtual machines in the disk. Left everything running and popped out the bottom non HPE SSD and slipped the new one in. Then took a look at the status via ILO and it said failed drive, then changed to rebuilding. After about 60 minutes it was back in a normal state. There are only two drives so the rebuild took very little time.

Gave it an extra hour and then did the same to the second drive and same outcome.

So answer to my question is yes it can be done on the fly and it does work perfectly. Didn't even have to take my mail server down.