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DL360e GEN8 Dynamic Raid Controller

Occasional Contributor

DL360e GEN8 Dynamic Raid Controller

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to install a linux server in recetly bought DL360e G8 with B320i Controller in it. I install the license and configured the raid 10 SAS with the 4 four disk it have.


Now I'm trying to install linux (Ubuntu server) and found that I need a driver from HP or to disable the Raid Controller. I didn't found the driver (DUD) and don't want to disable the controller that we payed for.


Is there a way to find the DUD for this distro? I can install another distro (maybe CentOS as a RHEL compatible one or Oracle Linux) but is there the DUD for this?



Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: DL360e GEN8 Dynamic Raid Controller

Hello, it seems you are right, in ubuntu you can not use this software raid.

but, here in RH: you can see there is HP driver forth to try.

Check download site for your server - Storage Controller - there is driver which could help.

Check and let us know.



Jimmy Vance

Re: DL360e GEN8 Dynamic Raid Controller

The current supported Linux distributions for the "B" series Smart Array controller are RHEL and SLES. CentOS should work with the RHEL driver


here is the link for the latest driver for RHEL 6 x86_64


Main B320i driver page


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