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DL360p Gen8 8GB Network Team

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DL360p Gen8 8GB Network Team

Dear Sirs,


We are about to purchase around 5 new Data Servers for our office.


The servers will all have Windows 2008r2 and will all be used as File Data Servers.


The server in mind is 670640-425.


The Server comes with a 4 Port 1gb Network Card.


Can this network card be setup as a TEAM so its 1 x 4gb connection ?


Do i need any software or licensing to do above.


Can we add a second 4 Port 1gb network card to make it a total Team of 8gb connection, if so what is the correct part number and software i need to do this?


We have looked at 10gb connections however the cost is too much as we would need to replace our switchs.


We are going to add a second processor, 24gb Ram, Raid 5 with hotspara.  Are there any other suggestions you can add to improve the performace of file access from a client pc end.







ernst limbrunner
Trusted Contributor

Re: DL360p Gen8 8GB Network Team



if you have installed the hp service pack proliant you should find the NCU

(network configuration utility) in the control panel.


you can use TLB (transmit load balancing) with ANY switch.


if you want to improve the receive performance as well you need a switch that

supports LACP / 802.3ad.


in that case you can use the dynamic 802.3ad setting.

do NOT use this setting if your switch ports do not support this feature


no license required - it is free



please have a look at the attachment



best reagards