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DL360p Gen8 Fans noisy 94% speed after firmware update

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DL360p Gen8 Fans noisy 94% speed after firmware update


I have 2 of DL360p's that have both been sitting in an aircon server cabinet for about 5 years. One of them started giving the PSOD so I upgraded firmware, ilo and vmware, and sicnce then it's been great.

I just did exactly the same with the other Gen8, even using the same media (I did it from the SPP image -

  Service Pack for ProLiant 2017.04.0)

Now just on this server, once it's run through the BIOS settings, as soon as it boots into *either* vmware or for example intelligent provisioning (ie. after the double beep) the fans run to 94% and it is incredibly noisy. So the only change is new firmware. What I've tried changing:
Power settings
Fan settings - set to optimal cooling

Note the fans in the matching server in the same cabinet are at 19% as expected. in iLO all the temperature readings are showing normal as per the other server.

The only other thing to add is that since this upgrade, Bios and iLO complain about non-HP disks, which it didn't before. I can't imagine that has made the difference.......

So it isn't really likely to be something that just broke as I did the upgrade - has this happened to anyone else and what was the fix?


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Re: DL360p Gen8 Fans noisy 94% speed after firmware update

Some further troubleshooting - I just switched the to redundant ROM holding the older 2014 version of P71.

Still going crazy with the fans. The other main firmware update was the P420i controller thaat went from v6 to v8. No idea if that's even possible to downgrade.

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Re: DL360p Gen8 Fans noisy 94% speed after firmware update

OK I have "fixed" the issue by downgrading the P420i driver to v7.02Now the LEDs are back on and the fans are back to 19%, and the server isn't complaining about non-HP disks. So I can put this issue down to this combo:

  • Non HP disks in a Gen 8 Proliant
  • P420i
  • Firmware on P420i more than v7.02
  • HP deciding some time in 2015 or later that non HP disks on the P420i would make their servers inoperable

Server is back to the newest 2015 version of P71 bios

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Re: DL360p Gen8 Fans noisy 94% speed after firmware update

I have the exact same issue.
would you be able to share with me how you downgraded the p420i from v8 to v7.02?

I have windows server 2016 on dl360p.

many thanks.

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Re: DL360p Gen8 Fans noisy 94% speed after firmware update

I was having the same issue. The only way I found to downgrade the firmware for the P420I is by using the hp smart update manager. It can be downloaded by itself but works best as part of the SPP (Service Pack for Proliant). It can be difficut to obatin the software howerver if you do not have an active warranty or support contract with HPE. Once you have it you add the drivers/firmware you need to it. Then boot to it and select interactive firware update. Accept the licensing aggrement, then click on firware update. On step one once it finishes before you click next click on actions, then advanaced options. Under installation options chose (Downgrade & Rewrite Firmware- Allow already installed firmware componets to be downgraded or rewritten to older or same version). The click next and find the P420i firmware on the list and select it. Click deploy and once it is done it will as to restart. 

Howerver it may not resolve your problem. I downgraded the P420I firmware and the iLo firmware to the oldest verison I could and still had the high fan speeds. I ended up having to get different hard drives. Some drives just will not work well with the other hardware. Some non HP drives do work, but HP recommends the HP drives and the HP Drives should work. Ohterwise you are just taking a chance when you get drives for it. As soon as I installed compatible drives the fans stayed steady at 19-20%. 

Hopefully that helps.

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Re: DL360p Gen8 Fans noisy 94% speed after firmware update