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DL360p Gen8 - ILO 4 "close" port 80

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DL360p Gen8 - ILO 4 "close" port 80


After a scan with Nessus on DL360p Gen8 machines, with ILO 4 2.55 installed, port 80 is active and listening.

This is a big "NO NO" for PCI DSS compliance, and I need to close it.

When I try to access ILO via HTTP, I am redirected to HTTPS, so at least that's good

However, going to the ILO 4, Administration > Access Settings > Web Server Non-SSL port, I can change the port 80 to something elese, but I cannot disable it.

Strangely, I have another machine with ILO 4 2.55 as well, BUT a DL360 Gen 9 instead of 8 like the others, and this machine returns no open port 80 in nmap, while having the exact same configuration in Administration > Access Settings.


Can anyone shed some light?

How can I disable port 80 in ILO 4?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: DL360p Gen8 - ILO 4 "close" port 80

I've run across this same issue and was wondering if there was a solution to disable the non-SSL port setting. Also, if this can be set to something that disables the non-SSL port does that hamper the use of the iLO in any way?

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Re: DL360p Gen8 - ILO 4 "close" port 80

Is there any information avaiable on how to disable port 80 on iLO?