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DL360p Gen8 Intelligent Provisioning (F10) Illegal Opcode Red Screen

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DL360p Gen8 Intelligent Provisioning (F10) Illegal Opcode Red Screen

Hello everybody


Having problems with a new DL360p Gen8 server. SO is not running and i'm trying to start Intelligent Provisioning (F10) to reinstall it.

I just receive a red screen with Illegal Opcode message. Don't know why.

I've updated BIOS (P72), ILO4 (1.22), IP itself (1.40), disabled Power Capping, disabled PXE ... what more?


Please if someone know something about that i should be so grateful


hearing from you soon






Re: DL360p Gen8 Intelligent Provisioning (F10) Illegal Opcode Red Screen



Does the error message appear before the HP splash screen is displayed or while it the HP splash screen being displayed. If it is before, then please note the four digit Status Code displayed at the bottom left hand corner of the window.


If it is listed after the HP logo is displayed, then check for any POST error number along with the iLLegal Opcode notification.



Try by clearing the server’s NVRAM. To do so the following steps may be performed:


                i. Power down the server and remove the access panel.


                ii. Please refer to item 11 of the System board components diagram, on page 77 of the server’s maintenance and service guide to identify the system maintenance switch’s location. Click here to access the guide.       


                iii. Locate individual switch S6, and set it from the default position of ‘Off’ to ‘On’. Replace the access panel and power it on. Wait till the message indicates that the server has been reset. Then power off the server, remove the power cable from the wall jack, and remove the access panel, revert switch S6 to position back to ‘Off’ and then power it on.


After clearing NVRAM, please re-enter the serial number in the server's RBSU. You may perform the following steps:


                i. During the server startup sequence, press the F9 key to access RBSU.


                ii. Navigate to option Advanced Options > Service Options >Serial Number. The following warning is displayed:  


                                WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! The serial number is loaded into the system during the manufacturing process and should NOT be modified. This option should only be used by qualified service personnel. This value should always match the serial number sticker located on the chassis.  


                iv. Press the Enter key to clear the warning.


                v. Enter the serial number and press the Enter key.


                vi. Select Product ID.


                vii. Enter the product ID and press the Enter key.


                viii. Press the Esc key to close the menu.


                ix. Press the Esc key to exit RBSU.


                x. Press the F10 key to confirm exiting RBSU. The server will automatically reboot.


If the issue persists, then activate the server’s redundant ROM. To do so, turn switches S1, S5, S6 to ‘On’ position and power on the server. Once the message is displayed, then revert their positions to ‘Off’. Power on the server and check if the issue is resolved.


If none resolves the issue, then collect the AHS log from the server, if possible and contact HP Support. Click here for document detailing collection of AHS log.






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ernst limbrunner
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Re: DL360p Gen8 Intelligent Provisioning (F10) Illegal Opcode Red Screen




download v1.50




use usb key utility to create a bootable usb key.




if the stick does not boot automatically - press F11 during boot for the boot menu.



do NOT map a usb key via ilo to upgrade. this gave me errors at well.


make sure no other devices (apart from internal disks) are attached


best regards















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Re: DL360p Gen8 Intelligent Provisioning (F10) Illegal Opcode Red Screen

Hi can anyone verify if this has been resolved and, if so, what the resolution was. I am also experiencing this. Brand new server, first time installation and it doesn't work. Awesome job HP and VMWare!!

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Re: DL360p Gen8 Intelligent Provisioning (F10) Illegal Opcode Red Screen



Had the same problem, nothing helped, finaly went into Bios config ( <F9> at boot) - Advanced options - Erase/restore Default


Reboot the system and everything boots up fine.


this solved my problem.