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DL360p - Raid Setup/Performance Question

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DL360p - Raid Setup/Performance Question

Hi there.


We want to buy a new DL360 Server for virtualization (hyper-v 2012R2).

Within an array you could create logical drives with different raid levels.


what would be the "best" setup regarding performance?


Is there an performance issue of mixing different raid levels in an array?

so is it better put raid1 logical drives on 2 disks (array1), and raid 5 logical drives on the remaining 6 disks (array2)?


Or doesnt it metter, so i should create one large array with 8 disks, and then create the log. drives with different raid levels.


thank you and best regards,


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Re: DL360p - Raid Setup/Performance Question

ther's no problem if you MIX 2 array on the same Controller Card


So you can creat a RAID 1+0 with 2 HDD in order to have Performance & Security if ONE HDD Failed

and another RAID 5 with 6 HDD

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Re: DL360p - Raid Setup/Performance Question

Thank you for your answer.

If I create an array, there is no option for raid level.
only for logical drives.

does it make sense, to use 2 disks (array1) only for raid1 logical drives, and 6 disks (array2) only for raid5 logical drives?

or all disks (one array) with logical drives with different raid levels?